Treasure Seekers...

God in his love for us came into our world.
Not as a king. But as the illigimate son of a carpenter.
Not as an adult at the peak of his powers. But as a baby.

He lived through all the normal human experiences of life
but unlike us he was never selfish, spiteful or proud.
In effect he lived beautifully.

At the age of 30 he began to go around speaking to people. He told them about God, about his love for them, about how people could enter into a relationship with this God and learn to live beautifully themselves.

He spoke to everybody. Rich and poor. Sick and well. Good and bad. Cultured and common. And he told them all the same thing.

God will forgive you for all your faults, failings and weaknesses. Receive this forgiveness and then respond by loving God and loving each other.

A beautiful message. A simple message.

Sadly it was too beautiful and too simple for many people.

Some people who viewed their own faults as rather trivial didn't mind being forgiven themselves, but they didn't like the idea of everybody being treated that way. They wanted punishment. And they wanted to choose who was punished. They couldn't grasp that there was only two choices - everybody punished, or everybody forgiven.

Other people liked the idea of being forgiven, but they didn't like the command to love others. They rightly realised that that could be costly. They wanted their selfishness forgiven rather than removed.

Eventually, the majority decided that this man with his crazy message needed to be got rid of.

So they killed him.

And God let them.

God himself died as an innocent victim of the selfishness and spite of man.

And something amazing happened.