Treasure Seekers...

The outrage of that injustice reverberated around the universe. The innocence of that willing victim screamed from hell to heaven.

And in that moment all selfishness, spite, hatred, weakness, failure that had ever existed or ever will exist was forgiven forever.

Three days after he had been killed, the God-man came back to life.

He met with his followers - those whose lives had been transformed by his message. He explained to them what had happened. He told them that his work had been completed. That his death had released human-kind from the slavery of selfishness. They were now free.

Free to love God. Free to love each other. Free to be transformed. Free to live beautifully.

But as yet, most of the world didn't know they were free. They were still living in the prison of selfishness. Not aware that the door was now unlocked.

The God-man told his friends to go and proclaim this freedom everywhere. To demonstrate by their own beautiful lives that freedom was possible and real. And to invite others out of the darkness and into the light.

For two thousand years that is what the God-man's friends have been doing. Travelling the wide-world spreading the beautiful story and the beautiful possibility.

Billions of people have stepped out of the darkness into the light.

But not everybody.

The reasons are the same as they were for those who heard the God-man himself. For some it is just too beautiful to be true. For others it is too radical.

Some are just too comfortable in the darkness.

They have grown so used to the darkness that the light hurts their eyes.

Others find the wide open spaces and unknown territory frightening. For them it is like discovering a whole new universe.

But the God-man's friends keep on. Loving God, living beautifully and passing the message.