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This site has been designed to be easily navigable. The top selection bar is always available, so you can use it to jump about wherever you want!

Okay, so as a first-time visitor what should you look out for on this site?

Well, if you don't know anything about the March family, you might start with "Our Story" which will tell you a little about us and our lives.

If you still want more details you can look through our "March Archive" this contains our newsletters going back to 1998, so you can trace our recent history with its twists and turns;

In this archive you will also be able to access some of our creative output. Studies and talks, poetry and song lyrics and stories. Of special interest is "Trainers of the Universe" the boys own story which they illustrated themselves.

As someone who is a passionate Christian I am often outraged by the way in which the experience of 'Church' can seemingly take the most exciting, radical and wonderful thing in the universe - a relationship with God - and turn it into something boring and mundane!

As my little contribution to the rediscovery of the adventure, I have created a little presentation of the Christian message which tries to capture something of the wonder and mystery that it truly is. Check it out in the "Treasure Seekers" section. Let me know what you think of it.

As is customary on all websites, I have included a links page "Hot Links". If you have any hot sites to recommend please email me their URL's.

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