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Here are a few links to organisations quoted in this site. Plus a few others which might be of help/interest. Some may amaze. Some may inform. Some may annoy.

They do that to me too! Great isn't it?

Here is a link to Bransgore Community Church - a fellowship of great people brave (or foolhardy?) enough to become Mision Partners with us.

The Alpha course is a brilliantly simple idea. Invite interested people to get together every week, share a simple meal and then, starting from a presentation of the Christian point of view, discuss the big issues of life, death and beyond. Over 12 weeks they have the opportunity to interact with all the key issues of the Christian faith and to decide whether that convinces them or not. In effect the Christian worldview is allowed to defend itself to honest enquiry. Always a good idea!

Ann Squire Wildlife Artist
Ann is a wonderful artist who expresses her love for God's creation through her paintings. Her site showcases her work and also tells her inspirational story.

Experiencing God - ISBN 0-8054-9954-7 - pub by 'LifeWay Press, 127 Ninth Avenue, North Nashville, Tennessee, 37234-0151, U.S.A.', 1990 Votre Expérience Personnelle avec Dieu - ISBN 0-311-70023-3 - pub. by 'Centre de publications baptistes, El Paso, TX, Etats-Unis', 1995 Experiencing God - Knowing and Doing the Will of God
One of the greatest influences on our Christian lives has been this discipleship course. It revolutionised our understanding of what it meant to be a Christian. We therefore heartily recommend it to all Christians, particularly new Christians, as a tremendous resource for explaining the adventure of the Christian life.

Click on the picture for an overview of the course. It is also available in French, Spanish and Korean with other languages appearing rapidly. The isbn's for the English and French versions will appear as you pass your mouse over the picture - search for these on or or or whatever country you find yourself in! Or through the American publishers at

Our highest recommendation.

Servant of Servants Foundation
The people with whom we are linked as Associate Missionaries. A radical new approach to co-operation between Protestant Evangelicals and the State churches of Europe.

I had the dubious pleasure of studying theology with a man named dave. Most of his time at college was spent producing increasingly anarchic cartoons. Opinion is divided as to his talent. Some think him a brilliant critic and exposeur of the odd mores of contemporary Christianity. Others think him as mad as a hatter. Judge for yourself. But always use a safety rope in case you get dragged into his parallel universe.

Praise of Glory
I love the incredible diversity of Christian spirituality down through the ages. This is a site that draws from the enormous and deep resources of that spirituality in order to present the Christian faith as a love relationship with God. Which is of course what the Bible always said it was. However, in practice we need a lot of reminding about this.

A European network which promotes Reconciliation among Christians, the re-Evangelisation of Europe, the formation of Lay leaders, and the mobilisation of Youth for the Gospel.

A great resource site allowing access to the accumulated knowledge and treasures of the Christian faith.

A good search engine for all things Christian.

Urban Myths
The Christian community, knowing itself to be opposed by the prevailing atheistic worldvew, expects to be the victim of all kinds of stuff. Of course, this is sometimes true. However this attitude makes the church highly credulous to conspiracy theories and the like. This web-site performs the useful service of investigating the myths circulating and establishing their veracity.

Bible History
This is a good resource for people wanting to develop a deeper appreciation of the World which existed at the time the Bible was written.

Another good Bible history resource site.

Moorlands College
The old Alma Mater. The institution which made me what I am today - probably facing legal action even as we speak. Not a bad place as Bible colleges go.

Lifted Magazine
Lifted is an online, Christian lifestyle magazine. I was contacted by the editor, who asked for permission to publish some of my writings. I think what she appreciated most about them was that they were free!
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