Attentive readers will notice the merest shred of Pokémon influence in the following work. Sadly Pokémon fever has hit our family hard. Even more distressing is that this proved to have no vaccinative properties against Digimon fever, which has been the latest outbreak. Am I the only sane one left - glibglabgloodle?

The Trainers of the Universe

The boys and their cousins Kyle, Lewis and Blair as the heroes of the story

"Rinnngg, Rinnngg! Rinnngg, Rinnngg!"

Three slightly depressed boys heard the telephone ring downstairs. "I'll get it! said their Mom.

"Oh! Okay. I'll get them."

"Benny, someone for you!"

Benny, the eldest of the three triplets... by about 7 minuets, came down." If it's another one of them phony girl-friends, I'm gonna nail 'em" he continued "I'm not wasting video-game time for them."

His Mom just smiled. "No."

Benny took the phone."Hullo. This is Benny. ho's calling, please?"


"Hello, Benny. This is Prof. Elm. Now, would you...mutter,mutter"

"Yeah...Uh.hun...O.K...yeah...yep..and what?..."

"YAHHHOOOU" He cried earth-shatteringly loud.

"Oh, sorry, Prof. Elm. I didn't mean to deafen you. Yes, I'll tell them."

"Goodbye," said Benny as he put down the phone. Then he rushed upstairs.

"HEY!! GEUSSÉ WHAT!!!" he bellowed at his brothers, saying things wrong in his exitement.

"What?" asked his bros, their attention still focused on the screen of their computer. "WE'RE GONNA BE TRAINERS!!"


"Prof. Elm on the 'phone, told me so!"

"Let's go right now!"

The boys at Prof. Elm's laboratory

"Professor Elm on the phone. Told me so!"

"Let's go right away!" cried Caleb, excitedly.

"No. We need to get our PokéGear. I hope it's back from the repair shop. If you hadn't thrown it down the stairs, Josh, then it wouldn't of had to go to the shop in the first place.

"It wasn't my fault. Anyway, if you hadn't made me get into a mood I wouldn't have thrown it down the stairs," said Josh, his anger rising.

"Caleb, sensing that his bro.'s temper was on an unstoppable upward journey, took refuge behind the sofa.

"Oh dear. I think we're going to have a scene" Mercifully, his Mom interrupted. "You two go to the lab. Benny will just get his PokéGear on."

"Ah here you are at last." said Prof.Elm. "Well, two of you at least."

"Benny our older triplet by 7 minutes is getting our PokéGear."

"Ok. I understand. On the table are three Pokémon, type Fire, Water and Grass. Cho-"

"At this point Benny crashed through the door and landed on the ground with a great Flump!!!!!

"I'll...hheeiuu...chose Cyn...heeeii...daquil"he gasped.

"Here you are" said Prof.Elm. "You may go.


"Ok. Now you may choose Josh."

"I'll take Totodile, please, sir"

"Ok. Here you go. Have fun!"

"Thanks, geezer-man. You're the real deal dude!"


"Now you Caleb. Will you take Chickorita?" asked the Prof.

"Yes, old man!"

Scar, Spike and Razor
"Here get out of my sight! Oh, yeah. Tell you brothers to pop in on Mr.Pokémon, O.k?"


"Thanks. Now, SPLIT! !

"See Ya, Elm!"


"As far as I know, Mr.Pokémon is a old geezer who lives on the route to Violet. I suppose we could drop in on him if Prof.Elm said so." said Benny, grudgingly.

"I think its a waste of good time ,b-look out behind you! ! !"yelled Benny. "Leave this to the big Bro, guys."

"Go Scar!"


"Scar, use Tackle now!"


"Good! PokéBall Go!"

Pokéball Go!
"Paf! Wiggle! Wiggle! Powm!"

"Yeah! I caught a Sentret!" yelled Benny.

"Good work bro!" said Josh.

"Thank you Dudes. And Scar you were EXELLENTO!"


"Down boy, now, return!"

"Scar has a soft spot for you I think, eh? He He He!" said Caleb.

"Most fire Pokemon do." said Benny.

"H.2.O Pokemon like me." said Josh.

"Oh good. Here's CherryGrove City. I better go heal Scar. Would ye both please wait for me here." asked Benny.

"With pleasure." said Josh and Caleb.

"See ya in a bit!"

"Hello Nurse. Would you please Heal my Cyndaquil?" said Benny to Nurse Joy.

"With Pleasure. Please give us your Pokemon." said Nurse Joy.

Soon he was back with the others.

"Hey, bro. guess what!" said Caleb

"We just got a card!" said Josh.

"Is it a card from those phony girl-friends? If it is, I think I've found my new chew toy!" declared Benny, fiercely.

"Nope. It's a map card from an old Geezer who showed us round the town." said Caleb, excitedly.

"Who are you calling a Geezer?!!" Came a muffled voice.

"Come on! Make a break for it" yelled Benny. But it was to late. Old Guide Gent had got hold of him

"Scar, tackle attack, now" yelled Benny.


"Guide Gent's blasting off again!" yelled Guide Gent as he fell into the sunset.

"Quick, let's get out here before he get 's back!" said Josh.

"On to Mr.Pokemon, then." he said

"Let' s g-look out behind you!" yelled Josh "

Go Blast!"


"Blast, use Scratch!"


"Let it Tackle then jump aside. Now!" A pokéball capture

"Pokeball, go!"

"Paf! Wiggle Wiggle. Powm."

"Yeah! I got Ledyba!" shouted Josh.

"Good work bro. He almost had me." said Caleb.

"Well, it was pretty good, wasn`t?" said Josh smugly.

"You sure wer-Oh LOOK!!!" yelled Caleb.

He had just spotted something about to fall on Benny`s head. Chickorita attacks!

"Chickorita, go!" Caleb said.

"Chiki Chiki"

"Oh, wow isn't he beautiful!" cried Caleb.

"Stop the glamour, our lives depend on you!" cried Benny.

"Oh, yeah. Anyway... Chickorita, tackle attack, now!!"


"Go, Pokeball, go!" cried Caleb

"Powm, wiggle wiggle...powm!"

"Yeah! I caught Pineco!" said a joyful Caleb.

"Ow! Who was that Piney`s mother? The best Sumo Wrestler? !"

"Technically," said Josh. "Originally, it was born by a Forettress. That's logical."

"Never mind. Here's Mr.Pokemon's house. Lets hop in and drop a line" said Benny

"Hi, Mr Pokemon, sir." cried Josh.

Mr Pokemon and Prof Oak who had their hearing aids turned right up, jumped a clear twenty centimetres into the air. " Don't do that! What do you want?" asked the Prof. A fabled pokédex

"A pokedex" said Benny.

Josh said "And that thing that has orange and yellow marking's that you phoned Prof.Elm about so that made me give up my POKEMON STADIUM 2 that cost me my life saving's that I kept for 9 year's of life."

".............." said Mr. Pokemon ,or at least tried to say.

"We want the egg." said Josh dismally .

"Finally." said Mr .Pokemon .He lifted a small red sack. Letter's on the sack spelled "UNKNOWN". He then picked up a strange ,flat package .Ben took the flat parcel and Josh took the red sack. Caleb asked for three sundaes one choc one strawberry and one caramel. On the way back to the lab he shared them out. Benny chomped on his, Josh glouped his down and Caleb snarfled his. Then they looked at the sky. And the sky didn't like there look's. So it rained and they jetted back to the lab at 7700mph.

"Prof.Elm, sorry for the storm and knocking your assistant out cold but he was in our way." panted Benny.

"Never mind. What did Prof.Oak give you?" asked Prof. Elm.

Josh politely took out the red sack. Then Benny took the flat parcel then muttered he was hungry. They looked so undernourished that Prof. Elm offered them a pizza. While his back was turned Josh noticed that was usually one pokemon left for the professor. As there was nothin left he asked "Where is your pokemon?"

After that Prof. Elm went wack-ed. He picked up Josh ,yelled that it had been STOLEN then tore round the room at 8,574,692,315 kilometres per second. To stop him Josh sent out his pokemon, Totodile. Totodile was a two legged alligator-mouthed water pokemon with a strong bite. Under Josh's orders he clamped on the professor's rear and didn't let go. Realising that it had happened the professor stopped in front of a sleeping Benny, so Josh got off Elm's back and on to some scales. Prof. Elm fell on the other side so Josh practically flew across the lab and out the door and straight into his own house. Benny and Caleb were quickly after him. They found Josh talking to their mom. Josh explained that she would save money for the three. Then Mom gave them gave them these: 4 packets of CINNABAR VOLCANO BURGERS,100 bottles of MOOMOO MILK,50 RAGECANDYBARS,60 bottles of SODA POP and 10 cans of FRESH WATER.

Benny exclaimed "Mom! How d'you expect us to carry all that?!"

Mom said "Well I couldn't think of you starving."

"Just stuff it my hat" said Josh.

After a few pain-in-the-hat minutes Mom was waving as the boy's went towards their first adventure.

The three started towards their first Gym battle in the Johto league(I'll explain that mumbo jumbo later). But let's get back. Benny said something that made the other's, well, let's just say happy.

"I saw in the newspaper that three boy's became trainer's. They live in the same area as our..."

"OI! WANNA BATTLE?!" yelled a brutal voice. "One on one. Go Rattata!"

"Leave it to me. Go Cyndaquil!" cried Benny.

Now identity. Rattata was like a rat but was purple and had red eyes. Cyndaquil was rather like a hedgehog but had a yellow stomach, a black back plus four red dot's on it's back. When angry or frightened fire came out of these and Cyndaquil blew flames. (Did I mention it was a fire pokemon?)". Benny had nicknamed him Scar, so Josh had nicknamed Totodile Blast and Caleb nicknamed Chikorita Razor. Back to the battle.

"Scar! Use Tackle!" yelled Benny. Scar lowered his head and sent Rattata flying as easily as a weight-lifter would throw a stone. Rattata then got up and shook the dizziness out of it's head with difficulty.

"Rattata! Use Tail Whip!" cried Youngster Joey. Rattata leaped up, knocked Scar over and kept on wacking him with his tail. Scar wasn't the happiest pokemon in the world.

Rattata knocked unconscious

"Tackle him Scar!!" cried Benny. Scar leaped towards the sun so Rattata couldn't see him. Then, arm's tucked in and nose straight down he fell towards the rat like a black rocket. PLAMM!! Rattata was unconscious.

"YYYAAAHOOOOOOO!!!!" cried Benny as loud as a jet engine.

Josh said "Well done Ben! Splendid job!"

Caleb went for the slang way. "You really bashed him up! "

Thanks dudes! Now on to Violet City!" said Benny thankfully.

I think I have the time to explain about Violet City. The city itself is quite impressive. Their is Sprout Tower(Not the vegetable stupid) and EARL'S POKEMON ACADAMEY. The three knew it well because it had been their school. Earl was a good friend. I'll tell the rest later.

We better hurry cos Josh is in a battle! "Go Blast!" said Josh.

"Go Pidgey!" cried Youngster Mike.

Pidgey was a brown and cream pigeon with a pink beak. "Blast! Scratch!" Blast bore his claw's and in one shwipe cut off all Pidgey's feather's.

" Pidgey, gust attack, now!" yelled Youngster Mike, who was worryingly beginning to wonder if battling this Totodile was a good idea.

" Pidddddgggggggeeyyy!!!" cried Pidgey. Pidgey made a tornado that hit Blast!

" Toootooooooo!!" cried Blast.

"That's it." thought Josh. He said out loud. "Blast, Rage!" Blast's eyes burned with anger. He lifted up Pidgey and threw him to the ground, bit him, scratched him and that sort of thing. BONK!!...PLAF!!...BLOF!!...PLAP!!....KRONK!!...BLAP!! What was left of Pidgey was a mess that looked suspiciously like a roast turkey.


"Well done!" said Caleb" Good for you too Blast!" "

A! Violet City! We better go to the Pokemon Center." Josh said.

Benny had been looking at a sinister figure beside a house. The figure's name was ???. He was IMPERIAL CHAMP POKE-THEIF. When the 3 came back he went to them and said" What ye think your doin chumps?"

Mr ??? has gotten a bit too big for his breeches

Benny fired back "Who you callin chumps, chimp?"


Caleb chimed" CHUMP A LA CHIMP!"

"Right, let's settle it with a pokemon battle with 3 on 1 to the death!" declared Josh. "

He-is-so-aggressive" said Benny.

"Oh dear. Are they going to fight? If they are, click that pokeball button on the left." said Nurse Joy. Caleb did so. After that everything happened at once. Three steel hands headed in ???'s, Benny's and Josh's direction.

Sneazel and Cyndaquil about to battle "Cyndaquil, Ember!" " Totodile, Water Gun!" " Sneasel, Fury Cutter!" cried the three, very much taken aback. Unfortunately their power was better than their aim. Very few seconds later they found themselves trapped. In a few Police Officer minutes, they found themselves at the station being questioned by Officer Jenny.

"Come off it, Miss!" pleaded Benny "We never did Nothing!" but it was no use. Officer Jenny wouldn't listen, until...

"Officer... wasn't... them... Mr Red hair... started... it." said Caleb out of breath. He had had about enough. ??? suddenly, quick as a comet, darted out of his chair and switched off the light. After a moments darkness the light came on but ??? had disappeared. Somehow he had bound and gagged Officer Jenny and her colleagues. Benny Josh and Caleb undid them with hesitation, then went out to the Academy.

Earl was still in his thin blue suit and yellow waist frill. As usual he was "turning on 1 foot-ing. It's the best look-ing.". As soon as they were in sight he spun to them and then they all spun through the door. The whole class watched in awe as Earl introduced Benny, Josh and Caleb and talked for 5 and a half hours about their excellent behaviour.

Benny, quite tired of this talk (You would be to.) proposed they should go out and teach the toddler's. Benny took the oldest (Lot of snub's). Josh took the mediums (Lazy blap's). Caleb took the toddles (Whining bops). The triplet's explained the pokemon world from its hazards to beauties. The class almost attacked Earl when he said the three should get on with the journey. They laughed at their jokes. But the three gave them all a sticker and said goodbye. Then Josh took off his hat and pulled out of it 3 bottles of MOOMOO MILK and 1 packet of CINNABAR VOLCANO BURGERS. Miraculously, he also pulled out a stove.

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