Chapter 2

Benny and Caleb found a space and they ate. As they ate they decided to go to the Pokemon Center and chat to Prof. Elm. Luckily a T.V phone was next to a Teleporter (Transport's things.). Then Benny dialled the number. Prof. Elm appeared on the screen. He told the three that he was going to send them something in the teleporter.

A glowing ball appears! A shape started to take form between the two points. Then Benny took a Pokeball from his belt and the shape entered. The professor explained that it was the egg. He had examined it and it had a pokemon inside. The 3 had to hatch it. They asked if he would send them more eggs. He said yes and when each egg hatched they should phone him and tell him what pokemon it was.

Josh said " Who's gonna make it crack?" ."You!" said the other two. " WHAT! ?"." You heard. You'll have to sleep with it and give it your night-cap." Now, when Josh got into a rage, he was in a rage." But I'm very attached to my night-cap! I've only a camp bed! That's not big enough for two!" he protested. But it was no use. The others were too persistent. Benny on one hand said he was allergic to eggs. Caleb said he had seen him eat one (or seven) at breakfast. Then to cover up Benny said he was therefor allergic to raw eggs. Caleb also said he hadn't sneezed when the egg had appeared in his hand. Benny then gave Caleb a uppercut in the chin. Then Caleb trod on Benny foot thus resulting in a punch-up.

Come on boys, break it up. At least seven trainers have asked to battle. The three were looking murderous. They set off and after a short walk they found the Gym.

Should I explain that mumbo-jumbo? OK. You had to battle eight gym leaders to earn eight badges. If you got all then you had access to the Pokemon League which is were you battle them with better pokemon. Anyway, the 3 had had a vote. Benny would get the badges. Josh and Caleb would go to Sprout Tower and get their first HM (That's a move a pokemon can learn and it can't be deleted). A TM can also be taught and it can be deleted.

Just as they were entering the gym Benny spotted a Caterpie. It's a bug pokemon with an large head and a pink Y shape on top. The rest is green with a yellow stomach. The three's pokemon made short work of it. But as they were going to their masters the pokemon suddenly glowed and changed into larger pokemon.

"Bros, they are evolving!" exclaimed Josh. Cyndaquil, Totodile and Chikorita had evolved into Quilava, Croconaw and Bayleef.

Quilava and Sentret from Benny's belt Croconaw and Ledyba from Joshua's belt Bayleaf and Pineco from Caleb's belt

"Well, with our new pokemon we should stand a good chance against Falkner and Sprout Tower." said Caleb smugly.

" Well, maybe we should call Mom. I mean, after all we haven't talked to her for a long time, y'know." said Benny. " No, wait I have an idea!"

" How unusual!" remarked Josh. Benny glared furiously at him. Caleb, who felt there was going to be a punch-up, hastily changed the subject.

" Here's an idea! We'll phone Mom in two hours!" He cried.

"Two hours" mused Josh, "Just enough to get a badge"."And a HM!" cried Caleb. So they split up. Benny went into the gym while the other two headed in Sprout Tower's direction. It is called Sprout Tower because nearly all the people you battle there have one kind of pokemon which is Bellsprout. Bellsprout is a grass pokemon with leaves for arms, roots for feet and a bulb shaped head. Battling Falkner!

"Which of the three should we follow? Ah! Benny. Well, here goes."

"Falkner! Come and fight!" yelled Benny.

"Fine, but I warn you. My bird pokemon are very experienced. Go Pidgey!" cried Falkner.

"Go, Quilava!" cried Benny."Quilava, Ember!"

"Pid...gey...Bop! Pidgey, no! Go Pidgeytto!"( The evolved form of Pidgey).

The Grand Battle "Quilava, Ember full force!"

"Pidgeyotto, Gust!".

Quilava's Ember shot through Pidgeyotto's Gust like a hot knife through butter. Falkner's pokemon was definitely a burnt bird."

"I'm winning two pokemon to one." said Benny.

"Yeah, but wait until you see this...Go Fearow!" (Not the same family of Pidgiotto.)

"Use Drill Peck!" bellowed Falkner. Fearow dived at Quilava and looked like it was going to give him a serious injury! But, under Benny's orders, Quilava used Ember at the maximum limit, so it wasn't just big flames, but a inferno. Fearow had no chance.

"BLAM! ! Scar! We won! Right, hand over the badge!"

" Here you go."

"YIPPEE!" And with that, Benny walked out of the gym. Josh and Caleb were just coming back.

"I won the badge guy's! You wont believe this", said Josh, "but we saw ???!"

"What? When? How? When?", cried a bewildered Benny.

"He was at the tower. We both got the HM. He used an escape rope. Don't have a clue where he's gone", said Caleb.

"Well, that doesn't matter. You got the HM. Now...let's GO!", cried Benny.

Uh-Oh! Meanwhile... in Kanto, the three chosen one's were encountering their first big problem.

" Oh, man! How are we going to cross a river that run's at 280kmp? !" enquired Lewis, the middle brother."

"Very inspiring." muttered the youngest, Blair.

"Well, if this river is so impossible to cross, maybe we should go back to Professor Oak and say, 'Sorry, we can't be trainers. Here are your pokemon.'", said the eldest, Kyle.

"Oh, surely there's some way to cross it!" said Lewis.

"Sure, nothing's impossible!" said Blair sheepishly.

"Yeah, USE OUR POKEMON! !" yelled Kyle.

"Go Charmander!", he cried.

"Go Squirtle!", Lewis bellowed.

"Bulbasaur, go!", screeched Blair.

"Char!", Squirtle!, Bulba! Get to work you lot!", said Lewis sharply, but not unkindly.

Poke fright!

"No, wait! I'll give you instructions. Charmander, you cut down 15 trees. Squirtle, you swim over to the other side of the river and buy three Escape ropes. Bulbasaur, you hold the log's steady while Squirtle ties them. Got that?" said Kyle.

"Wait one poke-pasting moment! How are they going to do that? !" enquired Blair.

Kyle replied, "I don't know how but I'm sure they can."

"BAAAGH! Pof! Now, we shall leave them in some D I Y pokemon. They are gonna be real poke builder's. Gettit? Poke builder's? HA HA!"


We join the Johto trainers close to Azalea Town."

"Man, my throat's killing me." said Benny.

"Mine too.", muttered Josh.

"Glug glug", was all Caleb could say.

"Yay! Let's drink!" cried Benny with glee. He didn't release that Caleb had finished the lot. There was a drop left but it dissolved before it reached Benny's mouth.

"AAAGH! You finished our water, you idiot!" cried Benny in frustration.

"Now, now, no need to get exited. Look, their's a well over there." said Caleb.

"Well!", exploded Josh, "If you had any sense you would have no water on you and we could of muttered about our deprivation of H2o together! ! !"

"No, wait! I think he has a point there!" said Benny. Josh looked in the direction Benny was pointing.

"AAAHH!"" Pump it you!" cried Benny to Caleb. Pump, pump, pump! SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHSSSSSSSHHH!

"AAAGGH!" choked Benny.

"Gaaaggk!" explained Josh, or at least tried to explain. After several painful minutes... "The well is dry. We'll have to check inside the well," said Josh. "Yo, Caleb! D'you want to go first?"

An uppercut! "Sure. PAF! !


"HAAAAAHAAAHAAA! ! !", laughed Josh as he sent Caleb down the well with a uppercut.

"Quick, after him!" said Benny.

When they were halfway down the tunnel the 3hree heard a strange sound...BOOM, BOOM!!

"Hey, what's that noise?" asked Benny.

"I, dunno?" said Josh.

BOOOOM! ! !" Quick, take a look at this!" called Caleb to the other two.

That is all for now. The boys will type up more and post it when they have the time!