Our Life and Ministry in Pictures


One of the things Stephen has felt called by God to do is to share the Christian faith through the written word.

This is particularly evidenced by this book which was a joint venture between Stephen and our friend and colleague Dr David Bjork.

They wanted to write a book that explained the origins of Christian diversity, the challenges and the opportunities it presents to the global Christian family.

In many ways this book is the theological foundation of our life and work here in France.

The subtitle "Learning how Christians can walk hand in hand when they don't see eye to eye" is the very heart of our calling.

This book can be purchased via amazon and most of the big online retailers.

Web Site Creation

Another output for Stephen's writing is through several websites.

This screen shot is of the French version of this site.

The site contains Bible studies, Christian meditations and a gospel presentation.

Another site Stephen runs is the parish website.

Here the emphasis is upon communication between the parish and its far flung villages.

Upcoming events are highlighted, bi-monthly news sheets can be downloaded and the priest's recent activities can be consulted.

Again, this is a practical way in which we can serve our French brothers and sisters.

Building Bridges to the Church

One thing we have tried to do is to build bridges between the majority non-practicing population and the church.

One way we were able to do this was by organising a nativity play.

Most people were very happy to be involved in dressing up as nativity characters, both adults and children, and for many people it was the first time they had been inside a church for a long time.

This 'belonging before believing' approach to evangelism and church integration is a key principle to our understanding of the most effective form of contemporary gospel outreach.

At the very least all those who participated in this event felt welcomed by the church, appreciated and valued.

They hopefully left knowing they will always be welcome and that practising Christians aren't that odd after all!

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