Our Story...

During this time we had another child (Joshua), but Sharon and I also began to feel dissatisfied in our professional careers. Jobs changed. Personnel changed. Priorities and goals changed. All of these worked together to dissipate the great degree of satisfaction we had once felt with our careers and eventually it became a nightmare to consider doing this for the rest of our lives.

Suddenly one Saturday afternoon, as Sharon and I were doing the washing-up together, I looked at Sharon and said, "We're going to end up in full-time Christian ministry aren't we?" Sharon just looked at me and said, "Yes!".

We told no-one of this, but within a week our Pastor came to visit us and said, "I feel God might be calling you into full-time Christian work". We just knew that this was confirmation from God and began to look out for the next step.

Moorlands College, not a bad place as theological colleges go! It quickly became clear that we needed to go to Bible college and we decided that Moorlands College near Christchurch in Dorset, was the one for us. I was accepted onto a BA Honours in Applied Theology course.

However, we then discovered that Sharon was pregnant, so we deferred my place for a year. This turned out to be God's providential timing, as Sharon's father's heart condition rapidly worsened and he died in the following autumn, just a few weeks after our third son (Caleb) was born.