This part of the house is a bit bare at the moment. Having had all of our furniture in this space until a few weeks ago, we now have lots of free space.

We hope, finances permitting, to buy furniture bit by bit. We have already been able to buy bookcases for the office, (obviously a priority!), and a television cabinet (another priority!).

The Bathroom

The bathroom

Our bathroom, the toilet is in a separate room (cupboard!)

The Kitchen

The kitchen

This is a really tiny space, we can just about get a cooker in here. The shelves are our only storage space for food, dishes etc. It is a bit like caravanning!

The kitchen sink

This is where I spend most of my time - doing the dishes. Cinders, you shall not go to the ball!

The Dining Room

The main room of the house for french people.

A bit tight for space here, as we have to be able to seat all french guests around this table. But we manage!

The Living Room

The one-eyed monster in the corner!

One of the few bits of furniture we have bought. A TV stand/cabinet thingy, bought from the French equivalent of MFI!

My ever-growing CD collection!

We also bought matching CD towers - now I have space for expansion!

All in perfect alphanumeric order - is that sad or what! Sorry, but I used to be an engineer!

The Study

At last a study!

Here is the epi-centre! Where all my deep thoughts momentarily surface, only to disappear from view again!

Sharon on MY pc!

We hope to get a proper desk eventually, until now the PC trolley suffices.

The study window.

The study window complete with stained glass celtic cross.

How's that for spiritual!

My dartboard!

I've even found room for my dear old dartboard!

Well an apprentice theologian has to relax his brain somehow!