We live above the primary school.

Our flat is above one of the school rooms. The school has two classrooms, one here and the other in the centre of the village, about 300 metres away.

The classroom underneath us is for the older children - ages 8 to 11.

The church is behind us.

This photo shows the church spire, recently replaced after the tornado! As you can see the church is directly behind us.

We certainly have no excuse for being late on Sunday!

Our front door.

This is our front door. Stairs lead directly up to our flat.

Note our white letter box for all your mail!

The garage which you can just see on the right is also ours. This is where my books and most of our furniture have been stored for the past two years!

The side view.

At the side of our house is a cherry tree and a war memorial. The obelisk commemorates the cease-fire after the conflict in Algeria.

You can also see our green Renault 21 parked alongside. 15 years old and still going (mostly!)

You can also see our washing! A bit of a pain carrying that up and down everyday. We also miss having a garden for BBQ's etc.

The church from our front door.

Looking out from our front door you see the church.

The church bells chime the hours with a special carillon for 0700, 1200 and 1900. It is really loud! But we don't even hear it anymore.

Either we have got used to it, or we have gone deaf. Pardon?!

The view from our kitchen window. This is the view from our kitchen window. As you can see we have very quiet neighbours!

Seriously though, the Catholic sense of unity between us and the saints who have gone before us, means that they take great care of family tombs.

On all the festivals the cemetery is full of flowers and families stop by to remember their loved ones.

Well, there you have it! A virtual tour of our home and surroundings. Hope that you enjoyed it and that it has helped you get a better feel for the place where God has put us.

Thanks for stopping by!