Treasure Seekers...

This amazing relationship with God is what we were made for. It is the object of the nameless longing which exists in all of us.

But it is a relationship that none of us experience naturally.

All of us are only too aware of our weaknesses, faults and failings. The great tragedy of human existence is that these things separate us from God.

God is purity and perfection. God is justice and truth. As human beings we appreciate and long for these things. Our hearts cry out when we see injustice, cruelty, the strong oppressing the weak.

These very emotions are an expression of our inner desire for God.

Yet at the same time we know ourselves to be far from perfect in our own treatment and thinking about others.

If God is perfect justice he must punish all injustice, all oppression. Not only the monstrous injustices and atrocities of the despots and demons. But also the mundane slights and slanders that we all perpetrate everyday.

And that is a major problem.

We cry out for justice. But we ourselves cannot stand before perfect justice.

Amazingly, there is a solution. An awesome, breathtaking, unthinkable solution.